Question Asked, Observation Made, and Experiment Ready: Find the Black People!!

photo by dull hunk

photo by dull hunk

I’m taking this Innovations class in my MBA program, which makes sense since I live in the Bay Area and well, this is the hub to western innovation, right? Or so the Bay and Silicon Valley would have us believe…. and I am a believer!!  I love the Bay and the people and the vibe. Yes sir, we rock!

But I digress…this Innovations class is super interesting on many fronts and has me thinking more and more about what makes an Innovator, specifically an innovator made wealthy by innovating and finally how the hell can I become one?

The inner circle of the Innovators Guild (I just made that up), but these guild members are the leading thinkers in the innovation and design thinking world, and they say questioning, observing, networking and experimenting are key innovator skills. They suggest getting out in the world and practicing these 4 traits personally, professionally – formally and informally. Match this to the course requirement to do so and ladies and gentleman an activity to explore innovation must be found. I turned on my computer, ready to explore and find an activity and immediately got social media side tracked, before I knew it my fingers hit my bookmarked LinkedIn button and down I tumbled into a deep time sucking well, of reading about what everyone else is doing.

And then it happened, LinkedIn algorithms to the rescue and into my feed fell a blog post about next week’s  OPENCO, a free city wide conference billed as “a mix between a business conference and artist’s open studio with the vibe of a music festival. The events offer investors, marketers, job seekers, and curious neighbors direct access to the leaders of the most innovative companies across the globe and in their natural habitat.”

“Well hell,” I thought, “inspiration.” Part of this class is to create and/or find activities that can help hone one or more innovator traits and this was perfect.

And yet nothing is ever that easy….

Here’s the thing about me, while I love new experiences and can take things for what they are, I am also very much a thinking person and these days I am always thinking about access and privilege. Who gets access and who doesn’t? Who has privilege and who doesn’t? And why? And what does life look like for those with access and privilege compared to those who do not have access and privilege?

As I learn about and discover all of this innovation and design thinking stuff, that is SUPER cool by the way, the questioning and thinking side of me is equally intrigued by what I call the color disconnect. It’s really hard not to think about it actually. If you are white dude reading this, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t notice being the only white man in a room full of Black women – all day, every day, time after time. You’d notice. And if that’s too hard to imagine, think about it with a room full of Black men and you are the only white man….. Yeah, hmmmhmmm.  Exactly. Which is what I mean by I can’t help but notice after the 1000th time when I am often the one of a very few, if not the only Black persons in the room, at the conference, or on the train during commute hours heading to downtown SF from the east bay, etc.

Yes, it makes me sad sometimes and bothered most times not because I don’t want the company of others but about the implication of what is behind this phenomenon, what is driving it and what it means in a deeper context for my culture and the future prospects for Black people’s economic, professional, social and cultural capital.

It’s easy for me to associate that reality with my likely experience at this conference. But remember I am trying to deepen my inner innovator traits so…

Innovator trait #1 – Questioning: Why am I feeling this way? Why am I assuming there will be little to no Black people? What if these companies represented at OPENCO are run by or employ Black people?

Innovator trait #2 & #3 – Observing & Networking: I will use this OPENCO event as an opportunity to observe the San Francisco innovations community. I will attend and network. I will meet amazing people and perhaps some of them will look like me. Yay!!

Innovator trait #4 – Experiment: Okay so I’m not that young and naïve and I know better than to belittle 20 years of experience in academia and professional work world in the Bay to assume there will be a rainbow of color at this event but so as not to make any assumptions and to not be caught off guard come next week, I thought an experiment was in order.

And that is when it hit me, like a moth to a flame my mind kept coming back to my last blog called If Design Thinking is the Map to Innovation, Privilege is the Compass and the game I created called Find the Black People.

WHAM!! There it is, my experiment online and waiting.

Let’s see what companies at OPENCO have the most Black people (okay so really my thought was –  lets see if any of these companies have Black people) but I’m trying not to lose the white folks who I pissed off with that last blog, just in case they’ve given me another chance and are reading this one….I know fat chance.

In any event – after hours of meticulously finding each company’s website and About Me pages, I have created the second and much longer round of:


FIND THE BLACK PEOPLE! An online game of mystery and intrigue. I bet your patience will run out before the links do.

Note: There are some rather amazing companies represented. I included a brief excerpt from their sites about what they do.

Disclaimers for the haters: Now mind you there are some limitations and explanations to this game:

1)   We can only look for “visually” Black people

2)   Caveat that some sites might not be up to date

3)   Having Black people or not having Black people doesn’t make or break a company nor does it mean a company is “down” or on the contrary, “racist”

4)   By Black people I mean Black Americans, not dark skinned South Asians or brown skinned South Americans. Please note: I love my South Asian and South American human family, this game is just…not about them.

Are you ready to play Find the Black People? There are about 95 companies listed (I think) and 86 of them are playable. Any ideas how many visually Black people were found to be employed according to staff pages with pics within 86 SF companies? Make a guess and leave a comment! The answer is coming soon…

On your mark get ready set go!

140 Proof

140 Proof adds relevance to social advertising by understanding how consumers declare their interests online. By interpreting and mapping the Blended Interest Graph, 140 Proof can match consumers with messages that are relevant to them.

Find The Black People 1 


99designs pioneered the design contest, where designers submit competing designs in response to a customer’s design brief—and the winner receives a cash payment for their work.

Note: For various reason this game will not work so well with their platform because their listed 253,323 designers are not photo ready.

But their home offices are….. Find The Black People 2 


Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Tools and services allow customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time, and achieve greater business success.

Note: Granted Adobe is HUGE company and I’d like to assume there’s be a DING DING DING if we were playing this game from a page with pics of all their employees, but I could only find this…. Find The Black People 3


AdRoll is the largest retargeting platform with over 8000+ active advertisers worldwide. With 97% customer retention rate, our mission is to make powerful performance advertising techniques simple for businesses of all sizes.

Find the Black People 4

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is a celebrated contemporary ballet company that has been guided since 1982 by the unique artistic vision of Alonzo King. Collaborating with noted composers, musicians, and visual artists from around the world, Alonzo King creates works that draw on a diverse set of deeply rooted cultural traditions, imbuing classical ballet with new expressive potential.

Note: Okay so their website is outstanding and well worth a visit.

And they did not have a webpage with pics of their staff to play the game easily Kinda Find The Black People 5 but the founder and Artistic Director Alonzo King….DING DING DING… Found Him! 

American Conservatory Theater

American Conservatory Theater nurtures the art of live theater through dynamic productions, intensive actor training in its conservatory, and an ongoing engagement with its community.

Find the Black People 6  (click on their names for a pic each…)


American Institute of Architects- San Francisco

Serving the Bay Area for more than a century, the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA San Francisco), one of the largest of the AIA’s nearly 300 chapters, represents more than 2,000 members in San Francisco and Marin County.

Find the Black People 7


Ampush is a social technology company helping brands and direct response advertisers achieve performance at scale with Facebook Ads. Ampush’s mission is to catalyze the adoption of social in the enterprise.

Find the Black People 8a   Find the Black People8b


AOL Inc. is a multinational mass media corporation based in New York City that develops, grows, and invests in brands and web sites.

Find the Black People 9


AppMesh is the first mobile-only app built with the needs of individual sales reps and customer-facing professionals in mind. It integrates with the core iOS productivity apps (like email & calendar) to help you plan your day, engage with customers, and close more deals.

Find the Black People 10 (scroll down on their page)


Software is everywhere – on our computers, our watches, our refrigerators. And the teams building software together – developers, product managers, doc writers, bug-bashers – are our heroes. Our products help teams of all sizes track and share everything, work smarter, and create better software together.

Find the Black People 11

Bay Area Video Coalition

BAVC inspires social change by empowering media makers to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology.

Find the Black People 12


Betabrand is an online-only clothing company based in San Francisco that designs, manufactures, and releases new inventions every week.

Amazingly awesome site!!! But no pic page found….

Bio-Logical Capital

Bio-Logical Capital is a land investment, development, and conservation company. We deliver lasting value and strong returns by investing for the long term and integrating sustainable, land-based business like renewable energy, real estate, and agriculture with ecological restoration and conservation. We call this Stewardship Development.

Find the Black People 13 (click on each name to see a pic)


Bloomberg connects influential decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Our strength – quickly and accurately delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology – is at the core of everything we do.

Find the Black People 14

Bluxome Street Winery

Open in the heart of SOMA from high noon until 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. In the tradition of those that came before us, we’re both a working winery and a place to relax and enjoy a drink or two. Please come do so.

No pic page found…

Breadcrumb by Groupon

Breadcrumb by Groupon is a suite of iPad point of sale products and payments solutions that help businesses operate faster, know their customers better and maximize revenue

Find the Black People 15 (scroll down they might be in the back, who knows?)

Carbon Lighthouse

Carbon Lighthouse uses a unique suite of engineering and financial tools to find profitable and carbon neutral projects across a range of facility types. While we focus on delivering turnkey Comprehensive Solutions, we also offer energy Project Consulting services.

Find the Black People 17

CCA – California College of the Arts

Founded in 1907, California College of the Arts (CCA) is noted for the interdisciplinarity and breadth of its programs. It offers studies in 21 undergraduate and 12 graduate majors in the areas of fine arts, architecture, design, and writing.

Find the Black People 18 (yeah, way too many faculty and staff for me to check all of these but you have at it…)

Center for New Music

The Center for New Music San Francisco, Inc. is a community center for participants of new music in San Francisco. The Center serves the practitioners of creative, non-commercial music by providing the resources they need, including space to work, rehearse, and perform, access to a like-minded community, and access to media resources.

Find the Black People 19


Chairish is an online consignment marketplace for design obsessed people to buy and sell exceptional pre-owned home furnishings. Our mission is to make the world more beautiful, one room at a time and save people money in the process.

Couldn’t find a pic page….

Children’s Creativity Museum (CCM)

The Children’s Creativity Museum is an interactive art and technology museum for kids.

No pic page found….

Cleantech Group

Cleantech Group’s research, events and advisory services accelerate market adoption, stimulate demand, and remove barriers to cleantech innovation.  We help business leaders make strategic decisions involving cleantech innovation through the i3 Platform, the most comprehensive, vetted, up-to-date source for insights into companies, investors, financing and relationships across the clean technology ecosystem.

Find the Black People 20

Clear Channel Media + Entertainment

Find the Black People 21


Cloudera is the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services and offers a powerful new data platform that enables enterprises and organizations to look at all their data — structured as well as unstructured — and ask bigger questions for unprecedented insight at the speed of thought.

Find the Black People 22


CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online.

Find the Black People 23

Code for America

Through the Fellowship, Brigade, Accelerator, Peer Network and Code for All, Code for America aims to improve the relationships between citizens and government.

Find the Black People 24

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a non-profit organization, administers the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. It was created to bring about  a new industrial revolution that turns the making of things into a positive force for society, economy, and the planet.

Find the Black People 25a  Find the Black People 25b Find the Black People25c Find the Black People 25d Find the Black People 25e  Find the Black People 25f


Ummm, you just have to click on yourself to see what they are about….

Find the Black People 26


creativeLIVE empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you, live.

Find the Black People 27

Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Find the Black People 28 (I can’t really tell…there might be one there in the back…)

Dijit Media

Dijit Media is a startup transforming the way people discover and experience TV shows and movies.

Find the Black People 29


The DODOcase philosophy is simple: make things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive and well by adapting it to a world of digital devices. Our skilled craftsmen make beautiful products to meet today’s modern needs using age-old techniques that need preserving. It’s a happy marriage of tradition and technology.

No pic page found…


Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, two MIT students tired of emailing files to themselves to work from more than one computer.

Find the Black People 30 (okay so I had to scroll through that one a few times… in disbelief….sigh)


At Eventbrite, we believe that gathering with others is the best way for people to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected, get healthy, give back, and celebrate. So we’re building technology that facilitates those gatherings, by helping people find and attend events that feed their interests, while connecting them with others who share their passions.

Find the Black People 31


Website is a little difficult to navigate and find esoteric… 

No pics page found…


Exygy LLC

Exygy is a software design and build agency in San Francisco. Exygy creates exceptional software for the world’s leading change-makers, for government, for startups, for business, and more.

Find the Black People 32 (side note, they’re a certified B-Corp…pretty cool!)

Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media Publishing believes that the Independent Web is comprised of online properties that are not owned and operated by large media companies or major service platforms, rather they are driven by voice and a point of view.

Find the Black People 33

Firespotter Labs

We’re a product-focused team of developers and designers fanning the flames of ideas and building companies to solve the problems that bother us daily.

No pics page found..


FlexScore shows you how you’re doing financially, AND how you’re doing compared to your peers. It even gives you free advice on how to boost your score based on the experience of real financial planners.

No pics page found.. is the leading site for engaging video programs from conferences, summits, public forums, university debates and think tanks across the globe.

No pic page found…

Girl Ventures

GirlVentures’ mission is to empower adolescent girls to develop and express their strengths.

Find the Black People 35a Find the Black People 35b  Find the Black People35c


Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects.

Find the Black People 36


Goodby Silverstein & Partners

They got a lot going on…

Google, Inc.

If you don’t know who this is, you are definitely not reading  my blog…

Find the Black People 36


Granicus, Inc. provides comprehensive solutions for creating, managing and distributing live and on-demand streaming media content to support and enhance public meeting communications, internal training and public education programs for government.

No pics page found…

Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy runs a quarterly engineering fellowship in San Francisco.

Find the Black People 37

HatchToday SOMA

Hatch Today (formerly The Hatchery) was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs who wanted to reinvent the workspace. At our spaces you will find a world class staff, elegant furnishings, top of the line technology, and a community that includes some of the most dynamic companies in the country.

No pics page found…

High Fidelity, Inc.

Okay so their website is interesting when you have time for interesting….

Find the Black People 38  (hit the mouse a few times and I think a pic of two investors will come up. It’s the best I can do with this one, kind of an annoying site to be honest…)

Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)

Securely access, send and share your files and folders from anywhere.

Find the Black People 39

Holy Stitch!

Holy Stitch! aka. The Holy Stitch! Denim Social Club is a boutique factory and classroom that teaches youth to become social entrepreneurs via the sewing machine, emphasizing denim clothing, music, technology, and the arts.

Find the Black People 40


At Homejoy we are starting a movement to make cleaning services available to a broad audience, rather than a luxury for the rich.

No pics page found…


For consumers, we offer incredible convenience and amazing value at quality hotels. For hotels, we are a marketplace to fill last-minute rooms that would otherwise remain empty. HotelTonight was founded by an experienced team and is backed by some of the top venture firms and travel-industry pioneers in the world. We’re based in downtown San Francisco.

Find the Black People 41


Been there done that….they played last week, check it out here


IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this than that,

(Couldn’t find a employee/staff/ leadership page…)

Imagine H2O

magine H2O is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire & empower people to solve water problems. Our vision is to turn water challenges into opportunities.

Find the Black People 42


At InMobi, we are leading the charge of architecting mobile-first customer engagement platforms that transform the economics of engaging a global consumer.

Find the Black People 43

Inner Circle Labs

Inner Circle Labs is a strategic marketing communications group.

Find the Black People 44

Innovate SF (Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation)

The San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation utilizes government as a platform for innovation. MOCI works closely with San Francisco residents and local creative and tech-minded communities to collectively design solutions and new approaches to long-standing challenges. MOCI has three strategic focus areas: economic development, citizen engagement, and government efficiency. Find the Black People

(No Staff page)


Instructables was officially spun out of Squid Labs in the summer of 2006, and has gone on to grow from a modest hundreds of projects to over one hundred thousand. The community that now calls the site home, is an amazing mix of wonder from around the world. Every day we continue to be amazed by the imagination, curiosity, and simple awesomeness of everyone who shares their creations with us on Instructables.

Find the Black People 45


isocket simplfies the direct sales process. Our technology automates the manual steps like order execution and monitoring, helping premium publishers and advertisers do more business directly.

Find the Black People 46



For more than a decade, Jawbone has developed human-centered wearable technology and audio devices unparalleled in their technical innovation, ease-of-use and sophistication of design.

No pics page found…



Startups seek opportunities to find product market fit. Agencies and Brands seek to keep pace with rapid developments and partner with the best emerging technologies to drive innovation in all areas of their business. We’re on a mission to create great outcomes for all sides of this ecosystem.

Find the Black People 47

La Cocina

The mission of La Cocina is to cultivate low income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. We focus primarily on women from communities of color and immigrant communities. Our vision is that entrepreneurs gain financial security by doing what they love to do, creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape.

Find the Black People 48

Lemnos Labs

Lemnos Labs, a hardware incubator based in San Francisco, provides mentorship and resources to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things….

Find the Black People 49


LENS makes large scale change and next markets happen through investing in innovation and inspiring entrepreneurship. The Studios. lens studios offer a place for innovation & renewal for people exploring san francisco and silicon valley. designing adventurous off-sites and retreats with and for remarkable people.

No pic page found…


LiquidSpace was built to help you find a better space to meet or work from a marketplace of thousands of workspaces and meeting rooms.

Find the Black People 50

Lit Motors

A cool futuristic car….

Find the Black People 51  (perhaps we don’t exist in the future…)

Lookout, Inc

We build security technology that protects people, businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure from the growing threats in the post-PC era.

Find the Black People 52

Mad Valley (Universal McCann)

What do you get when you cross Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley?  A colossal explosion of innovation and sheer will-power blasting from the bright and burgeoning minds of the very best of the startup generation.  That’s what.

No pic page found…

Makeshift Society

Makeshift Society is an organization that fosters creativity, collaboration and community through a coworking space/clubhouse, innovative programming, and support for freelancers and small business owners. We want to enable everyone to make, learn, teach, and think.

Find the Black People 53

Media Camp, A Turner/Warner Bros. Initiative

Media Camp, a Turner/Warner Bros. initiative, is a comprehensive accelerator program that educates entrepreneurs and enables them to build innovative media businesses.

Find the Black People 54

Microsoft Corporation

(yeah, research them yourself…)

Net Power & Light



We’re a team of 61 people who are passionate about building stronger and safer neighborhoods. We’re based in San Francisco, California.

Find the Black People 55

Ninth Street Independent Film Center

The mission of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center is to secure a lasting space for the creation and dissemination of independent media that promotes democracy, community participation, cultural preservation, access and lifelong learning to a diverse community of artists and audiences.

No pics page found…

Off the Grid

Off the Grid began in June of 2010 with the simple idea that grouping Street Food vendors together similar to an “asian night market” would create an experience that would allow neighbors to connect with friends, and families to reconnect with each other.

No pics page found…


Otherlab is a private Research and Development company with a number of core competencies. We welcome industrial partnerships and commercialization partners.

Find the Black People 56

PARISOMA via faberNovel

PARISOMA is a space where ideas meet execution. We believe that the more ideas are realized the better the world will be. We cultivate an experimental environment through COWORKING, EDUCATION and EVENTS.

No pics page found…


The Phizzle Platform delivers marketing automation solutions designed to enhance multiple digital touch point relationships while achieving a 360 degree view of fans’ behaviors, sentiment and purchasing power.

Find the Black People 57

Planet Labs

Planet Labs provides universal access to information about the changing planet. We will operate the world’s largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites to frequently image the entire planet and provide open access to that information.

Find the Black People 58

Practice Fusion

We’re driven by a mission to improve healthcare with an award-winning EHR that is web-based and completely free. It’s why we’re the fastest growing EHR community in the country.

Find the Black People 59

Presidio Graduate School

Presidio Graduate School educates and inspires a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.

Find the Black People 60

Project Frog

Project Frog is on a mission to revolutionize the way buildings are created by applying technology to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction.

Find the Black People 61


Quantcast is a digital advertising company specialized in audience measurement and real-time advertising.

Find the Black People 62 (click on each name for pic)


We deliver enterprise-class hybrid cloud infrastructures to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world.

Find the Black People 63


RadiumOne is changing the face of online advertising through a unique combination of programmatic buying, proprietary data, patent-pending intelligence algorithms, and multi-channel capabilities.

Find the Black People 64


Regus has consistently developed its portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of our customers to work however, whenever, wherever.

Find the Black People 65

Rickshaw Bagworks

Rickshaw is a new San Francisco-based bag company. Inspired by the creative energy of our city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products, we started Rickshaw to satisfy our own personal passion for bags. We know how people love their bags.

No pic page found…


RidePal is focused around saving people time: we make commuting more convenient, social, comfortable and relaxing. We share the road and help clean the air.

Find the Black People 66

Rock Health

Rock Health provides startups with funding and full-service support.  Our partners span medical institutions, venture capital firms, and corporate strategic partners who support our portfolio with varied perspectives and strategic insights on the healthcare industry.

Find the Black People 67


RocketSpace was launched in January 2011 by Duncan Logan, a technology exec who was frustrated with the bleak options for his new startup in San Francisco: either spend an outrageous amount of money on a private office in an isolated building or join a co-working facility where his team would be surrounded by non-technology freelancers.

Find the Black People 68 is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

Find the Black People 69

Salon Media Group, Inc.

Salon Media Group operates the pioneering, award-winning news site

No pics page found…

San Francisco Jazz Organization

Founded in 1983, SFJAZZ presents the greatest names in jazz, Latin and other global music and nurtures the art of improvisation through its year-round concert, commissioning and education programs.

No pics page found…


SFMOMA is dedicated to making the art of our time a vital and meaningful part of public life.

No pics page found…

San Francisco Opera

A leader among international opera companies for nine decades, San Francisco Opera was founded by Gaetano Merola (1881–1953) and incorporated in 1923.

Find the Black People 70 (lots of additional links to find lots of people. No….I did not click on them…)

San Francisco Public Press

The San Francisco Public Press is an independent nonprofit, noncommercial news organization dedicated to producing important local public-interest news.

No pics page found…

San Francisco Symphony

The San Francisco Symphony sets the highest possible standard for excellence in musical performance at home and around the world; Enriches, serves, and shapes cultural life throughout the spectrum of Bay Area communities; Maintains financial stability and gains public recognition as a means of ensuring its ability to fulfill its mission.

No pics page found…

Scoot Networks

We create networks of scoots. Scoots are shared, electric, smartphone-activated motorscooters you can ride in the city. At Scoot Networks we teach you how to ride the scoots, we keep the scoots running, and we find places to put more scoots to make the network bigger.

No pics page found…


SEAGLASS Restaurant is a casual, waterside venue with stunning views located at the east end of the museum.

No pics page found…


We power the social web, touching the lives of 95% of U.S. Internet users across more than 2 million publisher sites and 120+ social media channels.

Find the Black People 71


Adeel started building Shopseen to help manage Vacation, a vintage retail and art space he opened in 2012 with Kristin Klein in San Francisco. There are lots of places to sell online, and lots of ways to promote your products. But managing it is hard.

Find the Black People 72


Shoptouch is a mobile shopping and recommendation platform for retailers and brands. Shoptouch apps provide personalized product guidance to consumers via mobile apps, while enabling retailers and brands to reach consumers with relevant communications at the point of purchase. Find the Black People

No pics page found…


Sidecar’s smartphone app matches everyday people in their own car with people nearby for shared rides. It’s a fast, safe and fun way to get around the city, meet new people and keep extra cars off the road.

Find the Black People 73


SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

No pics page found…   LOVE MY SOUNDCLOUD btw….

Stamen Design, LLC

Stamen was founded by Eric Rodenbeck in 2001 to take advantage of the opportunities of emerging digital media in the wake of the dot com crash. Since then, the studio has grown to a staff of thirteen, and has established a reputation for its expertise in creating compelling interactive design and data visualization projects.

Find the Black People 74

StarMaker & TastemakerX

We built StarMaker so that anyone and everyone could know what it feels like to be the lead singer of their favorite song. Whether you simply want to hear your own singing voice, or you have a voice that seriously needs to be heard, we’ve created a place just for you.

No pics page found…


Over the past 22 years, Strategyn has turned jobs-to-be-done theory into the world’s most powerful innovation process: Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI).

No pics page found…


At StubHub, our mission is simple: provide fans a safe, convenient place to get tickets to the games, concerts, and theater shows they want to see, and an easy way to sell their tickets when they can’t go.

Find the Black People 75

Superfly Presents

Superfly Presents, also referred to as just Superfly, is an entertainment and lifestyle company with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. The company was founded in 1996 by Jonathan Mayers, Rick Farman, Richard Goodstone and Kerry Black

No pics page found…

SV Angel


No pics page found…


At Tagged, we are building social discovery products that enable anyone to meet and socialize with new people, anytime, anywhere.

Find the Black People 76

TCHO Chocolate

A new way to think about chocolate, based on the pure flavors of cacao.

It’s a pretty cool site and company but I couldn’t find a staff page…


TechShop is a playground for creativity. Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center, TechShop provides access to over $1 million worth of professional equipment and software.

No staff pic page found…

TechSoup Global

TechSoup Global, founded in 1987 as CompuMentor, helps nonprofits globally get and use technology to heighten their impact. Through its websites, events, and community-building initiatives, TechSoup Global also helps companies and foundations optimize their philanthropic impact.

Find the Black People 77

The Bold Italic

The Bold Italic is an online magazine, shop, and events hub in San Francisco.

Find the Black People 78

The Women’s Building

The Women’s Building is a women-led community space that advocates self-determination, gender equality and social justice.

No pics page found…


Tumml empowers entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. A nonprofit, Tumml’s goal is to support the next generation of Zipcars and Revolution Foods.

Find the Black People 79


twofifteenmccann is a creative and strategic agency specializing in media agnostic content and advertising for brands.

No staff page found..


Twyxt aims to carry this tactile experience of love into the digital age, and create new ways for that story to be written.

Find the Black People 80

USF – School of Management

We can get you in. We can show you how to navigate the most fertile business environment that has ever existed. And we can give you the tools to become what you’ve always wanted to be: a force for positive change in the world. Come to the USF School of Management, and put yourself on the map.

Find the Black People 81

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications is the world leader in delivering innovation in communications, mobility, information and entertainment.

Find the Black People 82


VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive.

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Watchwith is the cloud platform for building synchronous experiences around film, television and commercials for any IP connected device.

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WeWork is dedicated to researching, identifying and providing the most relevant and valuable services available to our members. We are proud to present services that will make a difference – and we will continue to do our best to offer more.

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WideOrbit is the leading provider of business management software for media companies. Our product lines include solutions for sales, traffic, media networks, radio automation and promotion optimization.

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Our mission is to make going to a show as casual as dropping by a bar for a drink or grabbing a cup of coffee. We measure the success of WillCall on the dance floor.

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Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.

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Yerdle is a place where thousands of people give and get things for free.

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Zoosk helps people find local singles with similar interests, make friends, have fun and meet people looking to date.

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HOLY COW!!!! YOU MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM….did you click on all 86 available pages?  I have a feeling you did not….


Any idea out of all 86, how many (visually) Black people were found?

6 thoughts on “Question Asked, Observation Made, and Experiment Ready: Find the Black People!!

  1. I clicked on about 20 of them, and them gave up. Astonishing, at least for me. Which, I guess, is your point! This is a really good post, thanks for taking the time to figure it out and then create all those links. I think there’s something big in here that other bloggers, with big audiences, would find newsworthy.

    • Thank Dave, Yes, in deed took quite a few hours to make that happen. Will be posting the statistics behind FIND THE BLACK PEOPLE soon, so stayed tuned….

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