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  1. how does one define wealth? to be wealthy is to…? i don’t necessarily think that successful people are always wealthy (assets and cash rich)…i think it is contingent upon how far you want/need to go…you can be rich with ideas, innovation, creativity that is for the benefit of all and not just some…you can have a wealth of resources that may derive from people wanting to be a part of your dream and doing what they can to make it happen (this too, to help all).
    i know you grapple with this, we all do. but isn’t it possible to create wealth in a way that doesn’t always mean the power grab for money (or the exchange of it) and material things? beyond what we require to sustain ourselves, what more is there? how much is enough? will your success look the same to someone else? will the road one takes to be “successful” be the one everyone else should on?
    i love what you’re thinking, here…i just have more questions than i have answers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Rochelle!! Yes, I agree completely and it does indeed seem to produce more questions than answers. i believe whole heartedly that one can accumulate a wealth or richness that is not defined in monetary or material means. I definitely think I am rich and blessed in this regard. I think what i grapple most with is my desire to be financially free and independent by accumulating wealth monetarily and if that desire is so opposite my path that it is 1) a waste of time or 2) the “devil’s path”.

      I appreciate the additional questions though. You know me, self-reflection is my middle name. Will add these to already deep fodder for greater self-awareness.

  2. Great post Diedra! I’m a firm believer in the laws of attraction because without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Seven years ago I lived in a battered women’s shelter with my four children and I read so many books on this subject. And it probably helped that I came from a religious background and was raised in a prosperity/faith based church. But regardless of what it was, these beliefs are what got me through my darkest hours and to the present day. And no matter what I read or where I was raised, the concepts work if you apply them to your life and use them without hesitation. You know that scripture, faith without works is dead? That’s what it refers to; speaking, thinking, and writing things into existence, whether positive or negative. And I don’t care what the gender of the person is that’s speaking, as long as I can find something that is applicable to my life, I’m using it. Maybe more of us (POC, QWOC, Single Mothers, Former Addicts, etc) just need to speak out and be more vocal about our experiences so the scales will be balanced. We define what success is and it means many things to different people, so to answer your question, “do you think these ideas behind law of attraction and mindset are equally applicable to success in other areas such as real systemic change for whole cultures and if so, how will we know when itโ€™s manifesting?” My answer is: Yes! They are applicable and how you know it’s manifesting is when that one person who hit rock bottom comes to you and shares with you how your words, your life, your being has inspired them to take the first step to becoming the person they were destined to be. I see myself as a social entrepreneur and I don’t feel any conflict within in doing so. You can do good while being self-sufficient and wealthy as long as you show the ones who desire to have that life, how to do it too.

    • Tam, thank you soooooo much for your comment. sometimes we just need reminding that good things happen to good people and that all things are not in a vacuum. I deeply appreciate you sharing your narrative. i get so overwhelmed that sometimes i forget that change is manifesting all around us, if we take the time and choice to see it. BTW, looking forward to visiting you new spot at Swans Market!!!

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